TIANJIN McEIT CO., Ltd. is one manufacturer and distributor of various fine chemicals in China. 
As manufacturer of Zirconium Series products and export agents of several famous chemical manufacturers in China, we export various fine chemical products to Europe, Japan and U.S.A.. 
Our products including: Zirconium series products, Organic Peroxides series products, Rubber and plastic additives, Amino acids, Cosmetic additives, Itaconic Acid, Herbs extract and pharmaceutical raw materials ,etc.
We import and distribute various plastizers , chemical intermediates and minerals from USA, EU, Australia, Japan & India .


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0086 22 23040085,23040086
0086 22 23040087
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3-4-901, Zhenghe Gongyu, Guizhou Road, Tianjin 300051, P.R.China




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