Organic Peroxides

Organic peroxides is important Initiators for high Polymers. It is widely used in the fields of  Petrochem, rubber & resin Industry. As market company of  the larggest organic peroxides manufacturer in China, we supply more than 30 types of orgainc peroxides to the users in Asia, Europe,U.S.A. & Mid-east.  The quality of our orgaanic peroxide initiators are similar as the products of Akzo Nobel , Ato-fina & Degussa, but our price is much more competitive,herewith our products control 80% of Chinese market and are good sold in international market. 

Data Sheet of Organic peroxides             

New products

Correlation Chart with AkzoNobel & Arkema's orgnic peroxides initiators

Application of Organic Peroxides







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